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If the download doesn't start automatically, to save the picture, open (on PC - right-click on the photo, on mobile devices with touch screen - touch the photo and hold it there until the menu pops up) the context menu and select the appropriate option ("Save ...").
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These tool convert from the following image formats:

    BMP (*.BMP;*.RLE;*.DIB)
    GIF (*.GIF)
    ICO (*.ICO)
    JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE)
    JPEG 2000 (*.JP2;*.J2K;*.JPF;*.JPX;*.JPM;*.MJ2)
    PDF (*.PDF)
    PNG (*.PNG)
    Photoshop Document (*.PSD)
    Raw: Hasselblad 3F Raw Image (*.3FR); ARRI Raw Image (*.ARI); Sony Alpha RAW (*.ARW); *.BAY; *.CAP, Camera RAW Image File Format (CIFF) (*.CRW;*.CIFF), Camera RAW Image File Format (CIFF) (*.CRW;*.CIFF), Canon Raw 2 (*.CR2), Kodak Digital Camera RAW (*.DCR), *.DCS, Adobe Digital Negative (*.DNG), *.DRF, Capture One Enhanced Image Package (*.EIP), *.ERF, Hasselblad Flexible File Format (*.FFF), Phase One Intelligent Image Quality RAW (*.IIQ), Kodak DC25 RAW (*.K25), Kodak Digital Camera RAW (*.KDC), Mamiya (RAW) Electronic Format (*.MEF), Creo Leaf Mosaic (*.MOS), Minolta RAW (*.MRW), Nikon (RAW) Electronic Format (*.NEF), Nikon RAW (2) (*.NRW), *.OBM, Olympus RAW Format (*.ORF), Pentax (RAW) Electronic Format (*.PEF), *.PTX, *.PXN"}, *.R3D, FujiFilm RAW Format (*.RAF), Kyocera Contax N Digital RAW or Panasonic RAW (*.RAW), Panasonic Raw 1 (*.RW1), Panasonic Raw 2 (*.RW2), Rawzor compressed image (*.RWZ), Sony RAW 2 (*.SR2), Sony RAW Format (*.SRF), Samsung RAW Format (*.SRW), Sigma/Foveon RAW Format (*.X3F)
    SVG (*.SVG;*.SVGZ)
    TARGA (*.TGA;*.ICB;*.VDA;*.VST)
    TIFF (*.TIFF;*.TIF)
    WebP (*.WEBP)

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