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This tool is designed to cut objects out of images. The structure of the tool includes both the simplest means for "manual" work (Eraser, Flood fill), and automatic (BodyPix, GrabCut), requiring a minimum of user interaction.

You can start processing the image with the automatic method, and then finish it manually if the computer could not cope with something.

BodyPix and GrabCut are very demanding on the performance of your device. And strongly depends on the size of the processed image. If the performance of your device is not enough, the program may produce errors. During image processing, your browser can noticeably slow down.

If an error message appears on the tool page during image processing, the page needs to be reloaded to restore the tool to function normally.


BodyPix allows you to cut out a person from an image.

This method works on the basis of neural networks. BodyPix comes with a few different versions of the model, with different performance characteristics trading off model size and prediction time with accuracy. Sizes of models vary from about 1 to 100 megabytes.

The larger the accuracy, the larger the model.

The larger the internal resolution the more accurate the model at the cost of slower prediction times.

The higher threshold will create a tighter crop around a person.


GrabCut is an algorithm for foreground extraction with minimal user interaction.

How it works? Initially user draws a rectangle around the foreground region (foreground region should be completely inside the rectangle) and clicks the Apply button. Then algorithm segments it iteratively to get the best result. Done.

If you have any questions about this or other tools, or have any comments, suggestions, error messages, please feel free to contact us.

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