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After removing the background, you can add a new one using the Merge tool, and you can also add a outline using the Outline tool.
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This method allows you to cut out a person from an image. BodyPix comes with a few different versions of the model, with different performance characteristics trading off model size and prediction time with accuracy. Sizes of models vary from about 1 to 100 megabytes. The larger the accuracy, the larger the model. The larger the internal resolution the more accurate the model at the cost of slower prediction times. The higher threshold will create a tighter crop around a person.
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Select foreground and click "Apply".
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If the download doesn't start automatically, to save the picture, open (on PC - right-click on the photo, on mobile devices with touch screen - touch the photo and hold it there until the menu pops up) the context menu and select the appropriate option ("Save ...").
This tool works better in other browsers. We recommend Google Chrome.