Filename extension .tif
MIME image/tiff, image/tiff-fx
Type code TIFF
Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) public.tiff
Developed by Aldus (now Adobe Systems), Microsoft
Extended to Exif, DCF, TIFF/EP, TIFF/IT, TIFF-FX, GeoTIFF
Initial release 1986
URL partners.adobe.com/public/developer/tiff/

TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is a computer file format for storing raster graphics images, popular among graphic artists, the publishing industry, and photographers. The TIFF format is widely supported by scanning, faxing, word processing, optical character recognition, image manipulation, desktop publishing and page layout applications. The TIFF format was developed in 1986 by an industry committee chaired by the Aldus Corporation (now part of Adobe Software). Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard were among the contributors to the format. TIFF files can be in any of several classes, including gray scale, color palette, or RGB full color, and can include files with JPEG, LZW, or CCITT Group 4 standard run-length image compression.

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